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Trigeminal Neuralgia Natural Treatment

Trigeminal neuralgia is a nerve pain that usually involves painful electric shock-like sensations in your face. It is a serious problem because it may prevent you from performing your daily activities. Trigeminal neuralgia pain may become constant and severe in some people. The prognosis of trigeminal neuralgia mainly depends upon the underlying cause of the problem. Different treatment options are available for trigeminal neuralgia. You should keep yourself away from commonly known triggers such as nicotine because it is believed that it irritates the nerves and contract blood vessels thus giving rise to trigeminal neuralgia pain. A combination of vitamin B12 and omega 3 fatty acids are known to increase the strength of facial and neck muscles thus greatly reducing the pain.

Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia

The most important symptom is pain that comes in spasms and feels like electric shocks. Pain occurs on one side of the face and can be aggravated by following routine acts:

  • Shaving
  • Brushing
  • While doing makeup
  • Chewing your food
  • Speaking
  • Touch
  • A cold breeze

A bout of pain may last for a few seconds or minutes. Such attacks may last for a few days or weeks. Remission is common. As the condition becomes progressive, the severity and frequency of attacks also increase. 

Treatment for trigeminal neuralgia

Conventional medicine provides temporary relief from pain and surgery is recommended for people, who experience severe pain despite taking medicine. Anti-convulsive medications are prescribed to get relief from trigeminal neuralgia pain, which often produces too many side effects. Therefore, to find a true solution for the problem, people rush to find a natural treatment for trigeminal neuralgia which is safe and does not produce any side effects. 

Ayurvedic herbs have proven worth taking for trigeminal neuralgia. The herbs have been traditionally believed to possess nervine properties that act therapeutically on your nerves and help to give relief from pain and discomfort. Herbs also help to support and enhance the function of peripheral nerves. Natural herbs not only help in strengthening the nervous system but also support its normal functioning. 

 Homeopathy is another alternative therapy and natural treatment for trigeminal neuralgia that not only address the symptoms but also help to address the root cause of the problem. Homeopathy works on the principle of the law of similar. This means that a disease can be eliminated through something similar to the disease. Thus, a substance that is capable of producing similar symptoms of a given disease can be used for the treatment of the cause to give long-lasting results. 

 Modern methods of treatment for trigeminal neuralgia involve the use of medications that only give temporary relief from symptoms. Natural treatment for trigeminal neuralgia involves therapies like ayurvedic herbs and homeopathic remedies that are directed to work upon the cause of the problem. Thus, when natural treatment along with nutraceuticals is combined, the chances for a permanent solution are enhanced to a great extent. 

 Biogetica combines traditional ayurvedic herbs, advanced resonance homeopathy, and groundbreaking nutraceuticals to support your nerves. These products are traditionally believed to work by decreasing the sensitivity of the nerves and by strengthening and calming them. If you want to get more information about trigeminal neuralgia natural therapies or to get expert advice on many health-related concerns, please consult doctors available 24/7 at now.

A group of physicians confirmed Trigeminal Neuralgia patients obtained an overall reduction of more than 60% in pain intensity and attack frequency using Natural protocols. The results suggest that natural therapies may be an effective and safe method in the treatment of TN.

Emblica Officinalis: It has valuable antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids that may support nerves. It also boosts up the immune system. (Biogetica’s Neuralease tablets contain this ingredient that acts quickly and effectively)

Spigelia: This herb is found to give relief to the most sensitive individuals. This herb is indicated when there is extreme intolerance to pain and sensitivity to touch. (Biogetica’s Trigeminal Neuralgia CM contains this herb as an adjunct and helps to provide relief).

Eat foods rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin B are useful in boosting up the immune system and offers support to the nerves. Foods such as eggs, yogurt, flaxseeds, Brussels sprouts, legumes, green leafy vegetables, parsley, carrots, kale, etc. are rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin B

Biogetica’s VBC Pro B Complex is a dietary supplement that is rich in essential vitamins and other nutrients that help to boost up the immune system and may support the normal functioning of nerves.

Meditate daily. Stress is the most common factor to aggravate pain attacks. Please visit this page at Biogetica to do guided meditations that reduce stress and balance your energy field. Resources here ( that help balance your energy levels field and harmonize your being making you healthy in the real sense.

Independent research on ingredients has been done to support the effectiveness of natural treatment for trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia research

Aconite: Studies suggest that this homeopathic remedy may relieve the tingling and numbness along the path of your trigeminal nerve

Spigelia: Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy may support your nerves and strengthen your immune system.

Hypericum Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy may strengthen your nerves and myelin sheath, to prevent future episodes.

Nutraceuticals research

Magnesium Studies suggest that this mineral is believed to have a calming effect on the nerves

Folic acid Studies suggest that this mineral is believed to facilitate the better transmission of impulses via the nerves

Simple tips to Deal with Trigeminal pain at home

  1. Use heat packs and ice packs alternately over the cheeks and jaws to get instant relief from pain. It soothes the aching muscles and relaxes them to provide quick relief. 
  2. Take a towel and soak it in a solution of Epsom salt and hot water. Compress it to remove water and apply is at the point where the pain originates.
  3. Mix Cayenne pepper with olive oil and apply it to the area. The chemicals found in Cayenne pepper are believed to provide quick relief from pain. 
  4. You can also avoid pain episodes by doing simple exercises at home. Yoga helps to strengthen the nerves and provides relief.
  5. Turmeric is also believed to be an excellent herb available in homes that is useful to reduce inflammation. Apply turmeric paste on the affected area to get relief from pain. 
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Causes and Symptoms of Trigeminal neuralgia (TN)

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

The Trigeminal nerve is one of the 12 pairs of the cranial nerves that emerge from your brain. The nerve is responsible for letting you feel sensations in your face. Each nerve that runs down either side of your face is further bifurcated into 3 branches controlling sensations in different parts of your face.

  1. The Ophthalmic branch: Deals with sensations of your eyes and forehead.
  2. The Maxillary branch: Associated with sensations in your lower eyelid, cheek, nostril, top lip and gum.
  3. The Mandibular branch:  Transmits sensations of your jaw, lower lip, lower gum, and some muscles used for masticulation.

Trigeminal Neuralgia meaning nerve pain can affect any of these 3 branches resulting in pain, tingling, or tenderness in your forehead, ears, eyes (you mostly feel the pain above your eyes), jaws and base of the neck.

Approximately 30 million people globally are believed to suffer from variants of nerve pain. Trigeminal Neuralgia is an extraordinary pain that predominantly affects one side of the face and the patient experiences debilitating pain resembling an electric shock. The pain may start suddenly or be set off by stimulating a trigger factor like brushing, shaving or chewing.

Trigeminal pain can last seconds to minutes. It is recurring and usually occurs in bouts with periods of remission in between. However, this pain is so severe and dreadful that it has been dubbed the suicide disease because of its potential to drive the patient to take his/her own life.

What Causes Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Almost 95% of the times, trigeminal neuralgia results when an artery or vein comes in contact with the nerve and compresses it. This resulting contact could directly lead to pressure on the nerve, or it could affect the surrounding protective myelin sheath covering the nerve causing it to be bruised, inflamed, damaged, or eroded.

There are other causes of nerve pain too, which include the following:

  • A large number of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients are believed to have TN. MS is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the myelin sheath and destroys or damages it. Other autoimmune disorders include Rheumatoid arthritis, Eczema, Psoriasis etc.
  • Viral infections like HSV, Epstein Barr Virus, and Shingles may result in nerve pain. The viruses on entering the body are believed to colonize in the nerves resulting in disruption of impulses and incidence of pain.
  • Medical conditions like high BP, anxiety, depression increase the pressure in your arteries which could lead to the artery applying more pressure on the nerve resulting in pain.
  • Nutritional deficiencies particularly of magnesium and Vitamin B12 could lead to nerve pain since these nutrients are very important in maintaining healthy nerves.
  • A surgery, or any other external or internal injury to the brain or face could lead to nerve damage and consequent nerve pain.
  • Dental infections could lead to TN if the nerve has been unduly affected.
  • Hormonal imbalances especially for women in the menopause phase, or those taking hormonal replacement therapies or birth control pills are said to be more vulnerable to neuropathic pain since hormones influence everything from neurotransmitter release and uptake to synaptic connectionsin the nervous system
  • Eating food that is either too hot or cold.
  • Nerve pain can also result from eating foods that cause constipation or in cases of diarrhea since these conditions result in inflammation of the intestinal mucosa resulting in malabsorption of nutrients.
  • Incessant exposure to Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and external stimuli like loud noises, and heavy machinery could interfere with nerve transmission and also cause nerve damage or pain.
  • Tumors or cyst formation on the nerve could lead to compression and pain.

Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Pain is the single most important symptom of TN. Whenever a triggering factor presents itself the afflicted nerve sends intense messages of pain to the brain that the patient describes as throbbing, stabbing, exploding, shooting and burning sensations. The pain duration lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes. It has been observed that the pain intensifies as the condition progresses. Sometimes, the patient feels a tingling or numbing sensation before the pain episode starts and some often have a dull persistent ache between attacks.  The triggering factors could be mundane everyday routines like:

  • Shaving
  • Brushing
  • Doing makeup
  • Chewing your food
  • Speaking
  • Touching the face

Sometimes, even a cold breeze blowing over the face can bring on the attack. TN is progressive and as the condition advances the attacks begin more often and continue for a longer period of time.

Treatment Options for Trigeminal Neuralgia

There are a number of treatments for Trigeminal Neuralgia  providing symptomatic relief in reducing pain and decreasing the number of attacks. Typical painkillers are ineffective since TN is related to nerve pain. Antiseizure medicines, muscle relaxant, antiepileptic drugs, tricyclic anti depressants are some of the drugs employed to alleviate the condition.

If pain does not respond to medication then surgery is advised. However, surgical intervention may produce other complications such as scar formation and loss of other functions.

Complementary and alternative medicines have also come a long way in offering options to deal with trigeminal pain. Growing research on Natural Ingredients has identified many effective pain relieving herbs and nutritional supplements. Biogetica combines traditional ayurvedic herbs, advanced resonance homeopathic constituents and ground breaking nutraceuticals that work synergistically to provide freedom from pain. These products are traditionally believed to exert their influence by decreasing nerve sensitivity. Specialized ingredients provide nourishment and also protect and strengthen the nerves. To know more about our health protocols or to get expert advice on any health related concerns, please consult our doctors available 24/7 at now.

All our products are made in FDA compliant GMP certified Laboratories in Germany, Switzerland, USA, India, and Spain. They are appropriately registered with the FDA as Dietary supplements, Homeopathic attenuations or Ayurvedic herbs. Utmost care is taken to ensure optimum quality and purity. Biogetica is a website visited from across the globe. Some countries consider Ayurveda, TCM, Supplements, Bioenergetics and Homeopathy to be medicine, while others do not. In order to comply with various FDA norms of numerous nations we say:

Ayurveda & Homeopathy may or may not qualify as medicine in your home jurisdiction. The complementary advice of our practitioners who are considered Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Doctors in some jurisdictions does not replace the medical advice given by your primary care physician. Biogetica’s Homeopathic products may be used for treatment of self limiting over the counter ailments in USA, India & Europe that support Homeopathy for OTC use. Biogetica’s Herbal remedies from the Ayurvedic, Chinese and other traditions may only be used to balance the 5 elements and rejuvenate organ systems in countries where Herbs, Ayurveda and TCM are not considered medicine. Biogetica’s ground breaking supplements may only be used to support the ideal structure and function of the various systems in the Human Body.

Information provided on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* This peer reviewed and published research has most probably not been studied or approved by the FDA in your country as a treatment or cure. Hence no disease claims can be made and you are welcome to take the natural ingredients for (immunity, lung health, cardiovascular health, etc). Homeopathy is medicine in USA but only for OTC issues. Ayurveda is medicine only in India and TCM is medicine only in China. Switzerland supports insurance payments for Homeopathy.

As per the FTC Enforcement Policy Statement on Marketing Claims for OTC Homeopathic drugs anyone selling homeopathy must state.

There is insufficient scientific evidence that homeopathy works, and

The product’s claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.

** Our remedies have been traditionally used in Ayurveda and Homeopathy for centuries. Each remedy has a varying amount of modern research behind it. We, in abiding by the law make no claims of a miracle cure or permanent results. Individual results may vary from individual to individual.

*** Try our Products Now! Our Unconditional 100 % Money Back Guarantee is Valid for 90 days.

† All Homeopathic products are made in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, a document which has been published for over 100 years and which is recognized as an “official compendium” by Sections 501(b) and 502(e)(3) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. 351(b) and 352(e)(3) (“FD&C Act”).” These indications are based solely on traditional homeopathic use. They have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

†† These testimonials are unsolicited and unedited except for the name of the sender. They contain the senders’ initials or first name only for purposes of privacy. These are actual emails from many we were able to help over the years. Testimonials represent a cross section of the range of outcomes that appear to be typical with these products. Your results may vary. We do however stand by our products and will refund you completely if our products don’t meet your expectations.

What we do is simply point you and your Doctors to independent research from all sources that we know of, on the ingredients or entire formulation of our natural products, which are Herbal, Ayurvedic, Bioenergetic, Homeopathic and Complementary in nature. We invite you to read these studies on our clinical trials page or on Results may vary from person to person as is depicted in the wide range of results seen in the clinical trials.

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