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About Dr Rustom Roy

Professor Rustum Roy is one of the world’s most famous and eminent personalities in the field of material science. He completed his B.S. in Physical Chemistry from Patna University in 1942. Subsequently; he completed his M.S. in 1944 and earned a doctorate degree in ceramics at Penn State. His work will serve us all in the coming years by bridging the gap between quantum physics and material science as it created numerous models for understanding and explaining the nature of matter which exists by virtue of vibration.

Dr. Roy was appointed as one of the members to the National Academies of Science/Engineering in the U.S., Russia, Japan, Sweden, and India. He was the founder of Materials Research Laboratory and the Science Technology and Society program at Penn State University. He was also held responsible primarily for the structuring of the Material Research Society. Besides structuring, he was actively involved in the field of physical science and laying down the norms of the national science policy. He is specialized in theories that link religion, science and human health. He was also an active founding member of friendsofhealth.org a nonprofit organization dedicated to evidence based whole person healing and the need for scientific acceptance of the same. Here Dr Roy worked with numerous eminent scientists and healers to create model which would accept and understand energy medicine and natural forms of healing.

Dr Rustum Roy was a mentor and inspiration to our founder Apoorva. Apoorva spent many days traveling across the United States, accompanying him on presentations made to hospitals and doctors.  Dr Rustom Roy was a huge proponent of whole person healing and his teachings and ideas are brought to life in our work, daily. Dr Roy’s paper (link) “Water has memory, A scientific basis for homeopathy” brings forth a valid scientific basis for homeopathy and is a foundation for our work in the field of Resonance Homeopathy.

Dr Roy was a material scientist and quantum physicist who furthered the worlds understanding of matter existing by virtue of vibration. His later work was dedicated to bringing change in the world of medicine and healing. He was dedicated to having the scientific and medical community recognize the need for whole person healing rather than isolated molecular medicine, which is popular today. Dr Roy also did a lot of research on what constitutes “healing water” and the “information/ energetic exchange” that takes place in healing sessions.

He Has Served As

• Evan Pugh Professor of the Solid State Emeritus
• Professor of Geochemistry Emeritus
• Professor of Science, Technology, and Society Emeritus
• Honorary Member, Ceramic Society of Japan 1991
• Foreign Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, elected 1977
• Foreign Fellow, Indian National Science Academy, elected 1984
• Honorary Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, 1990
• Foreign Associate, Engineering Academy of Japan, Foreign Associate 1991
• Foreign Member, Academy of Russian Sciences Foreign Member; elected 1999
• Ceramic Society of Japan (Centennial) International Award, 1991
• Mineralological Society of America Award 1957
• Federation of Materials Societies, National Materials Advancement Award 1991
• American Chemical Society DuPont Award in Chemistry of Materials, 1993
• American Society for Engineering Education, Centennial Medal, 1993; Installed in Hall of Fame, 1993
(one of 43 in 100 years).
• Order of the Rising Sun, 3rd Class, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon, 2002.

He has written more than 1000 papers and books elaborating on major discoveries in material synthesis. His latest research pertains to numerous water structures that not only explain the potency of its attributes to healing but also its core evaluation against homeopathy.

Prof. Roy has also hosted a live Internet talk radio show, Whole Person Healing via Body, Mind and Spirit. The show was broadcasted on the Health & Wellness Channel of VoiceAmerica across the globe.

Dr. Rustum Roy would be remembered for his valuable works and dynamic approach towards modern medicine. His humbleness, light heartedness and charming nature have touched our hearts forever. This page serves as yet another online memorial for this great man who was ahead of his times.


The Huffington Post – June 20, 2013


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