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Jai, My name is Apurve (pronounced A-poorv). In Sanskrit, my name means 'unique or of a potency never seen before.' Also, notice I’d rather say “Jai” than “Hi” as Hi sounds like a call of pain and Jai is a call of victory! You might say the mission stems from this stance of victory and strength -- I was inspired to form Biogetica as a collective of doctors and healers dedicated to the victory of mankind over their challenges, ailments and suffering and into health, wellbeing and joyous living.

Speaking of joy, I live with my wife Lekha and our Dog Tenzin between Bombay and Los Angeles, California.

This picture was taken as part of an Elle magazine editorial. Yes those pants are camoflage, and as you might tell from above, I am an instrument of healing but also see myself as a soldier of sorts, one that hopes to win the battle of returning people to respect for, and use of, nature’s own medicines, the battle against mass antibiotic resistance and other individual and communal threats we face. This soldier believes that only nature can heal our natural bodies, and will march with you every step of the way to health and freedom. Tenzin, too, is a brave hearted lion that seldom backs down when bullied by other larger dogs. (He comes from a line of rare Tibetan Spaniel dogs bred to be companions to monks, and is very serene otherwise!)

My story into Ayurveda and beyond begins early -- I was interested in Spirituality from a very young age and was initiated into the practice of meditation when I was 6 years young.

As a child I had various health problems related to the pollution in Mumbai disturbing my constitution. Allopathic Doctors gave me antibiotics and other drugs, but it was a mild mannered Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Doctor that returned me to health and freedom and led me to excelling at sports such as polo and boxing. This healing experience taught me about the magic of nature’s medicines and inspired me to take up the challenge of bringing them to the world. Every health problem I had, or my friends or family had, eventually became another learning point that taught me more and more about how to access our energy field, balance it with nature’s own products, and direct it to ease and wellness. It was in moments of extreme pain that I learnt that I was not the body, nor the energy field, mind and emotions but rather the witness that sees all of these aspects of my Being.

I went to study at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and then worked in consulting and telecom businesses in New York City. This work, although lucrative, was a deviation from my true path as a healer and led me to life of many health and personal problems.

It was at the age of 29, when someone very close to me passed away, that I realized that I must stop chasing these corporate dreams and truly follow my healer’s heart. I quit my work and went on study with numerous enlightened masters and healers including John of God, Patrick and Dr Jorge Carvajal. It was under Dr Carvajal’s guidance that I truly began to understand what fully integrated healing holographic healing is. Spirit descends, matter ascends, and you = MC^2. The Matter, energy and light that we are must all be restored to balance simultaneously. Dr Carvajal is the only medical Doctor I know that truly understood how the Soul of Light and Sound coalesces through an alchemy of 5 elements to give this body a form. He is only the Doctor I have ever met that can invoke a chemical in our bodies by tuning into the vibration it comes from. This is where my career in quantum healing began. This is where I learned that healing happens once we get ourselves out of the way and dissolve in the Consciousness that is ALL. This is where Biogetica was formed to deliver this offering of healing, to the world.

Healing and wellness is my primary passion and I am lucky that now it is also our work. My other passions include horses and music and I am grateful that I get to dabble in both!

This picture above was taken at the Will Roger polo field in Los Angeles

Yes, I did once ride a horse in a race where my friends who bet for me to place won 10 to 1 odds, as the Mumbai racing fraternity had never seen a 180 lb jockey before. The horse is called Courageous and he is retired in a beautiful farm now, where is he fed many Biogetica supplements. All our pets are happy Biogetica customers.

This picture is from a DJ gig for my 40th Birthday. I’ve had the good fortune of playing many of the most respected music festivals globally and you may listen to my sound cloud on www.soundcloud.com/swami-harami

Inspiration and success as I experience it, comes from a place way beyond the ego and personality. We are most creative when we allow ourselves to be instruments of the divine. It is the divine force of nature that allows us to align our actions, emotions, thoughts and energies toward the Union that every Human is here to seek. To me Religion is simply rejoining with the force that keeps us alive. The destination remains the same regardless of the path one follows.

At Biogetica, we maintain a stance of humility toward Mother Nature. We seldom take credit for our work and have only bothered to patent one of our hundred plus formulas as we know that the inspiration for them, like our breath, comes from a place which is way beyond us!

To end, let me say that we are one and I welcome you to our community of healers and healed. It is our work to love and nurture you back to health. This without a doubt is why both Biogetica and I, are here. We thank you for the opportunity to be with you every step of the way from medication to meditation. Join us so we can together march towards the light of health and freedom in this life!

We offer our products and services to all and never turn away from helping another, as we truly believe in following the truth of our hearts.

We are truly fanatical about the quality of our products most of which are now made in a very controlled environment in the north of Spain. The plants are grown in accordance with moon cycles, and fed energized structured water, the entire facility runs on wind electricity and we do our best to keep it free from all electromagnetic radiation.

Our work has now touched several of the more famous people on the planet. Some them are pictured below We will treat you like a superstar too.

India’s minister for Yoga and Ayurveda, Shri Sripad Naik. 
I’ve been presenting to the Ministry on giving Nature’s medicine the respect they deserve.

Heavy Weight Champion of the World Lennox Lewis. For once I look tiny!

Seth Troxler, crowned the number one DJ on the planet by Resident Advisor

Famous Tibetan Monk and Painter Romio Shrestha who is considered by the Dalai Lama to be the 17th incarnation of Arniko, the chief Architect of Tibet. 
We call him the Rockstar Monk and love his famous line “In this lifetime, my Monastery will have no walls.”

Bollywood Star Jackie Shroff

Author and Famous Doctor, Deepak Chopra in a healing session in New York. Picture courtesy of Romio Shresta.

We engage in various social projects which you can read about here. These include meditation and healing camps and free clinics across the globe. Some of the pics from these are below. You can always reach out to me at founder@biogetica.com.

Love Always

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My family and I were blessed with a private audience with the Dalai Lama at his residence in the Himalayas recently.

We are humbled by his beauty and grace and wanted to share the experience with you, as there is so much one can learn from this great man regardless of one's personal faith. One look into his still, loving eyes is enough to melt any heart. As a little boy he walked across the Himalayas to save his life and therefore lost most of his childhood to war. Yet he is still mischievous like a little boy. He never had kids but loves everyone like his children. His greatest ally is kindness. When you meet him he doesn't give any sermons or advice, he simply appreciates and loves you till you cannot help but love him back. Kindness to all including the ones that attacked his country is a sign of his infinite courage and there is so much one can learn from this kindness and compassion that he says is his religion.

This truly was a full circle moment for me, as I first learnt pulse diagnosis from his doctor and today his Holiness is wearing a Resonam and taking our supplements.

This meeting reinstated what I have known. Our most important calling on this planet is to love and uplift others. Nothing can satisfy us like a life lived in service and devotion to living beings. I am blessed to have aligned my life to this purpose and want to tell you that we are here for you, no matter what.